About Me


Birder since I can remember, Bird Photographer since 2021

I am a Cambridgeshire based patch birder who has the privilege of living within walking distance of the Ouse Fen RSPB nature reserve, where I can be found on most weekends. I have been interested in birds from as far back as I can remember, and was an active birder until activities tailed off in the early 2000s with the arrival of my family. My interest in photography stems from my time in the Royal Air Force, but until recently I have not had the equipment to tie the two hobbies together. This changed in 2021 when I purchased a Sigma 150-600mm Sports Lens along with my Canon 90D. I class myself as an enthusiastic amateur in both birding and photography, and have friends that I lean on for advice in both fields. Over the past 18 months I have tried to perfect my technic and am always striving to improve both my photography and my birding. I am not a ‘twitcher’ but do twitch, particularly if it is within the county (Cape Gull at Grafham, White Stork at Smithy Fen and Pectoral Sandpiper at Dernford Reservoir spring to mind from 2022). While most of my birding is conducted within walking distance of my home at RSPB Ouse Fen, I am not adverse to a trip to Welney WWT where I am a member, or further afield to RSPB Titchwell, or Framapton Marsh. I am also a member of the RSPB.

While I am not a twitcher, I do keep a record of my sightings via eBird, https://ebird.org/home and while not particularly high numbers (see Blog) I will enjoy trying to beat 2022 figures.


Canon 90D

I love this camera and very conscious that I don’t use its full capabilities. Hardly ever used with lens pictured.

Bausch & Lomb Scope with x27 eyepiece

.Adequate , this will be my next upgrade, I have an eye on a Swarovski ATS STS 65/80.

Bausch & Lomb Elite 8 x 50

Bought back in the late 90s, if ever there was an advert for buying quality this is it, as good as the day I bought them, I love them.

Sigma 150-600mm f5-6.3 SPORT DG OS HSM Lens

Not the fastest lens, so a sunny day helps, however a game changer from my perspective in taking bird pics, I absolutely love it